V1.x: Azure App Registration

Only the 1.x versions require an Azure App Registration. SCEPman 2.x still supports it, but we recommend using Managed Identities.

SCEPman needs to interact with your Azure Active Directory and Intune endpoints to provide the certificate and OCSP validation of users and devices. To provide the necessary permissions to SCEPman you need to create an App Registration within your tenant.

Generate App Registration (get Application ID)

  1. Login in to Azure Portal

  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory

  3. Click App registrations

4. Click New registration and enter a name, i.e. SCEPman. For supported account type choose Accounts in this organizational directory only and click register.

5. You may copy the Application (client) ID now. The ID is important and will be needed later by SCEPman deployment.

Generate Secret (get Client Secret Value)

1. Stay within App registrations and click on Certificates & secrets

2. Click New client secret, add a description and choose the expiration. We recommend 24 months, this helps to provide an ongoing service for two years. You can revoke a secret at any time. Click Add

3. Copy the secret value and copy it down in a secure place.

Please do not mix it up with the "Client Secret ID". We need the "Client Secret Value", here.

Copy the client secret value immediately. You will not be able to retrieve it after you leave this submenu.

  1. update the value of the SCEPman setting AppConfig:AuthConfig:ApplicationId with the client secret value.

Configure Permissions

Stay within App Registrations and click on API permissions

  1. Remove the default User Read permission.

2. Click on Add a permission and choose Microsoft Graph. When chosen, select Application permissions and search for directory. Add Directory.ReadAll as permission.

3. Now click on Add a permission and choose Intune. When chosen, select Application permissions and search for scep. Add scep_challenge_provider as a permission

  1. Search and add the following Graph permissions as well: DeviceManagementConfiguration.Read.All and DeviceManagedDevices.Read.All

  2. Finally click on Grant admin consent and confirm the consent for the given app registration.

  1. After successfully granting the permissions you should see green status for each permission.

The app registration is done.

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