Getting Started

In order to get started with SCEPman, we have prepared two guides that address different requirements and scopes for your deployment scenario.

Please use the table below, to decide which of the two guides is best suited for your scenario.

Decision Matrix

In case you have Azure resource naming conventions, high availability or auto-scaling requirements that you'd also like to trial, please directly start with Extended Guide - even for your Trial/PoC. This will allow you to re-use the deployment in production later on.

Requirement / ScopeStandard GuideExtended Guide

I am using SCEPman Community Edition

(not all features available)

Trial or PoC

(only mandatory steps)

Standard production deployment

I must obey Azure resource naming conventions

High-availability / redundancy


Terraform deployment

pageStandard GuidepageExtended Guide


New deployment

Upgrade SCEPman 1.x to 2.x

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