We offer two different SCEPman editions:

Enterprise Edition (SCEPman EE)

SCEPman EE offers all services and all features. If you need enterprise-class features, scalability, and performance, or if you plan to use the software in a production environment that requires support from our highly specialized support and operations team, you should consider the SCEPman Enterprise Edition.

SCEPman EE only is backed by our support services.

Community Edition (SCEPman CE)

If you are a tech enthusiast with the ability to self-support, our Community Edition products are freely available and offer powerful capabilities for a non-critical business process or content needs. Both editions use the same codebase, and the technical differences are depended on the Azure setup and configurations.

If you want to test SCEPman in your own environment, you can use the Trial Guide and install SCEPman directly into your lab. When you later decide to buy SCEPman EE you should follow our Enterprise Guide to get a recommended production environment.