Root Certificate

After you have deployed your SCEPman environment you have to create a root certificate.

If you want to use an intermediate certificate (Enterprise Edition only) you can have a look at this guide:

pageIntermediate CA

For a standard SCEPman setup, we recommend generating a new root certificate with the following steps:

Create SCEPman root certificate

  1. Navigate to App Services.

  2. Choose the SCEPman application and click on Browse to see the SCEPman website.

  3. When everything works as intended Intune, Read AAD, Read Intune, and Storage Account are set in green as connected.

4. The option click here to start creating the Azure Key Vault RootCA certificate. The initial root certificate should be created only once on a farm. 5. Select I have read the documentation[...] and click Create First Node. 6. After some seconds/minutes you can refresh the page. Now you should see that the root certificate is available.

Now you are ready to start! Check Certificate Deployment via Microsoft Intune

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