Health Check

You may configure the health check feature and corresponding alerting for the App Service to get a direct notification in case your SCEPman instance is no longer responsive.

Configure Health Check

  1. Navigate to your App Service and on the left side scroll down to Health check

  2. Now you can Enable the Health check, as probing path enter the following: /probe

  3. Now you can click on Save, but keep in mind that this will restart your App Service

Configure Alerting

To get an alert from our health check we need to configure alert rules in our App Service.

  1. Navigate to your App Service and on the left side scroll down to Alerts

  2. Click on Create alert rule

  3. In your new alert rule, you will be automatically redirected to Add condition

  4. Select a signal logic. Search for Health check status

  1. Configure the alert as specified below:



Aggregation type



Less than



Threshold value


Check every

5 minutes

Loopback period

15 minutes

  1. Click on Next: Actions

  2. Select Create action group

If you have existing action groups, choose Select action groups, select an action group and move to step 14.

  1. Define an Action group name and Display name

  1. Next to Notifications and add Notification type

  2. In the window, tick the Email checkbox and enter the email address you wish to receive notifications on

  3. Then click on OK

  4. Enter a Name for the Notification type

  1. After that you can click on Review + create and then on Create. You will be redirected back to Actions in creating the alert rule

  2. Next to Details, configure the following

    • Resource group

    • Severity

    • Alert rule name

    • Enable: Enable upon creation

    • Enable: Automatically resolve alerts

  1. Click on Review + Create, then Create

  1. View your existing Alert rules as shown

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