Custom Domain

Custom Domain Configuration

If you want to create your own custom domain for your App Service URL, there are two options depending on your domain provider:

The first option is to go with Azure Domain (existing one or creating a new one)

  • Domain provider: in this case App Service Domain

  • TLS/SSL certificate: select App Service Managed Certificate if you want to create and bind the certificate to your custom domain automatically, this certificate is managed by Azure and will be automatically renewed at no cost

  • TLS/SSL type: SNI SSL Binding is free of cost and supported by most modern browsers

  • App Service Domain: Choose an existing Azure Domain or create a new one

  • Domain type: in the example below we choose a Subdomain

By clicking on add, the custom domain and the SSL Managed Certificate will be created and bound automatically

The second option is to go with your non-Azure domain and add the validation records to your domain provider

  • Domain provider: All other domain services

After configuring the custom domain, make sure to update SCEPman App Service Setting AppConfig:BaseUrl to the new URL, save and restart the App Service

It is not recommended to set a custom domain to Certificate Master. If you still want to set it up, make sure to also do:

  • in SCEPman App Service Configuration, update AppConfig:CertMaster:URL to the new Certificate Master URL

  • add the new sign-in URL to the Certificate Master app registration "SCEPman-CertMaster".

Microsoft Documentation and Managed Certificates

Add a custom domain to an App Service:

Add and manage TLS/SSL certificates in App Service:

Create a free certificate:

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