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Value: String (URL)

Description: This is the URL of the SCEPman instance that belongs to this Certificate Master. If you have a geo-redundant setup, this should be the URL of the SCEPman App Service nearest to Certificate Master. Certificate Master will submit certificate requests to this SCEPman instance for signing.


Value: Management, Reporting, or CombineManagementAndReporting

Description: Defines which backend API to use when querying Intune for issued certificates.

Changes can harm your service!


This defines which Table Storage Endpoint to use to store certificate information.

Changes can harm your service!


Value: true or false

Description: You can send Debug log information to a cloud-based monitoring solution of our company for support reasons. This can speed up support cases. You can activate and deactivate this feature by changing the value to true or false.


This setting points to the Application Artifacts that will be loaded by starting the App Service.

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