Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)


The Application (client) ID from your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) App registration (SCEPman-CertMaster). This setting is configured during the setup.

Changes can harm your service!


This value comes from the Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) app registration. It is used to authenticate against SCEPman and authorize the CSR submissions.

Changes can harm your service!


The Tenant ID in Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD). This setting is automatically configured during the setup.

Changes can harm your service!


The time as Unix epoch when the required permissions to the Managed Identity were granted. SCEPman Certificate Master acquires a token using the Managed Identity only after a short delay (60 seconds in SCEPman 2.0) after this time, because only then do the roles in the token reflect the correct permissions added by the CMDlet. The tokens are cached for 24 hours with no way to force refresh the cache, so if you added a permission after SCEPman Certificate Master has acquired a token, you need to wait up to 24 hours until Certificate Master can use this new permission.

Changes can harm your service!

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