Change CA Subject

By changing the CA Subject, you must issue a new Root CA and deploy it to all users, AND deploy all client/device certificates again. The old certificates are then no longer valid.
If you do not have a problem with that please follow the steps below to change the CA subject
  • Navigate to your SCEPman App Service configuration
  • Change the CN value of the setting AppConfig:KeyVaultConfig:RootCertificateConfig:Subject to the new subject name you want
  • It is also recommended to change the value of the setting AppConfig:KeyVaultConfig:RootCertificateConfig:CertificateName to the new subject name, however, this is only visible in Azure KeyVault and not on the certificate itself.
  • After changing both values, save and restart the App Service
  • Navigate to your SCEPman homepage and issue a new RootCA as described here
  • Download the new RootCA and upload it to your Profile, then re-deploy the client certificates again to get the new subject