Application Artifacts

Available Channels

We offer three channels for our SCEPman application.


    full released version
    function and load-tested
    bugs not expected


    next production release
    function tested, but no load-test
    bugs possible


    ongoing development
    limited function tested and no load-test
    bugs expected

Custom Artifact location

To have full control about the update process and what artifacts loaded by your App Service you can deploy your own Azure Storage Account.
Follow this instruction to create a storage account:
1. Start at your Resource group where you have deployed SCEPman and click + Add
2. Search for storage account in the Marketplace search bar and click on Storage account - blob, file, table, queue
3. Your Subscription and resource group are pre-selected and you can start with defining Storage account name, Location Performance, Account kind, Replication and Access tier (Use settings as shown in the screenshot)
4. Go to the Advanced tab and set the Blob public access to Enabled
5. Click on Review + create and then on Create
6. After the successful creation of your storage account you can open the Storage account overview and open the Storage Explorer (preview)
7. In the Storage Explorer (preview) you can right click on the BLOB CONTAINERS and select Create blob container. Specify a Name and set the Public access level to Blob. After this you can click on Create
8. You need to reload the Storage Explorer (Preview) and then you can see your container under BLOB CONTAINERS. Now you can download the Artifacts from our GithHub (See Application Artifacts) and upload the artifacts here.
9. After the successful upload you can select your blob and click on Copy URL. You need this URL in the Part Change Artifacts (Application Artifacts)

Change Artifacts

To get continuous updates for SCEPman you can point a configuration variable to the maintained GitHub repository of SCEPman. During every restart, the Azure Web App will do a check and a copy deployment if necessary.
If you want to have more control over the updates you can use your own location. (See Application Resources)
To configure this, do the following:
    Go to your Azure AD
    Navigate to App Service
    Choose your SCEPman app
    Then, click Configuration (submenu Setting)
    Look for WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE and click on it
6. Then replace the URL in Value with the SCEPman GitHub URL or your Storage account blob URL you already copied:
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